What is the timeline for this project?

Yorkdale has submitted its development application and is moving through the City of Toronto application approvals process, which will determine the timeline of approvals.

The development application represents a long-term vision for the site, and the full build-out of the master plan is expected to occur over 20+ years. Future development will be incremental and completed in multiple phases.

Do the long-term plans for Yorkdale include replacing the existing shopping centre?

Redevelopment on the site focuses on the areas of the site that are currently undeveloped; Yorkdale Shopping Centre will remain a premier retail destination.

If development is anticipated on the existing parking lots, will there be less parking at Yorkdale in the future?

Existing surface parking that is impacted by future redevelopment will be built underground as necessary. Transportation analysis has been undertaken to understand the transportation impacts from the densities anticipated in the master plan options, and further analysis will be undertaken before each phase of development to ensure transportation of all modes can continue to access the site.

When does construction start?

No future construction is currently planned, and any redevelopment phase would require a Site Plan Application.

The existing construction of the west side of the mall is expected to be completed by Fall 2017.

When will there be a public meeting on this application?

The City of Toronto will determine timing of any formal public meeting.

Yorkdale plans to hold additional meetings, the details for which will be posted here when they are available. Check back for updates or sign up for an email update on the Contact page.

Have potential traffic impacts of the project been studied?


Yorkdale has undertaken a robust traffic study, is working with the City to manage traffic impacts, and anticipates improvements to the intersection at the southeast corner of the site in advance of the balance of the master plan development.

The application proposes retaining the existing McAdam Loop that currently serves Yorkdale.